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O&M Strategies

Developing offshore wind projects requires effectively control risks, manage costs, and optimize revenues. At the heart of this preparation lies the implementation of a robust Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategy, a key determinant of the profitability of your investment in wind energy.

In offshore wind, Operational Expenditure (OPEX) can constitute a significant portion, up to 40%, of the wind farm's lifecycle expenses. The execution of maintenance activities plays a pivotal role in determining the revenues, making an elaborate O&M strategy paramount. Moreover, compliance with regulations and a comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy are integral components of a holistic strategy.

IX Renewables assists you in seamlessly integrating all these aspects into a cohesive strategy, starting with the O&M concept in the early stages of offshore wind farm development and, as the project progresses, evolving to a definitive version for optimal results. We are able to that based on years of expertise in offshore O&M and the development of their inhouse tool SOMOS8.

SOMOS8 allows you to effortlessly compare different O&M strategies based on availability, and IX’s OPEX model establishes the link to associated costs, providing valuable insights into your offshore O&M finances. Our seasoned business consultants are ready to guide you, help you interpret the outputs and assist in selecting the best O&M strategy for your unique needs

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  • Senior Project Engineer (design) Full-Time, Part-Time Hengelo
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time / Part-time Leiden
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