The Story of IX Renewables

The origins of IX date back to 2004, when founder Eric Kamphues on behalf of the Mecal Group started to develop a new business: technical consultancy for wind power projects. In 2016, IX became fully independent as a separate company and changed the name to IX. The company moved from Enschede to Leiden in 2018, from where it steadily grew into the organization it is today, serving clients in renewable energy projects from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.

A strong start

With several large offshore due diligences (Gwynth y Mor, Dan Tyks and Sandbank) as well as supporting the Formosa 1 OWF in Taiwan, the start was strong. Together with partners BBB Umwelttechnik, ep4offshore and Pondera the first joint venture Wind Minds was formed in 2014/2015 to offer a full package and offer much needed size for the offshore industry.

However, the tide turned in 2015-2016 where the need for consultancy, particularly in the offshore wind industry, slumped in Europe. The team shrank to a few persons as business slowed down.

Ix renewables map

We are IX Wind

On 15 November 2016, Eric purchased all remaining shares of the company from Mecal and ‘restarted’ the company under the name Independent eXperts. The company continued to work in various disciplines within the field of wind energy, but with a focus on Europe and Taiwan/Japan. One year later, in 2017, Tom van der Linde joined as shareholder, which laid a new basis for work in the Netherlands with much more continuity.

Clients started calling the company IX Wind, after the website URL, hence the name was changed to match customer expectations.

In 2020 the name IX Renewables was introduced to serve as an umbrella organization for IX's several branches. 


Mid 2020, parallel to the outbreak of COVID-19, a business presence was established in Tokyo for business development in Japan. The formal incorporation of the KK (Kabushiki Kaisha) was established beginning 2021.

Differentiating between IX Wind and IX Renewables, though initially beneficial, eventually led to confusion among clients and team members regarding the corporate identity. To streamline the brand and enhance recognition, starting 2024, we have decided to consolidate under a single banner: IX Renewables.

Eric Kamphues CEO
Sloth Adopt Rainforest

Social Responsibility

We are committed to contribute to sustainability. At IX Renewables, we're doing our modest part by investing in rainforest conservation to offset our carbon footprint. This gesture is part of our broader commitment to a sustainable future. 

Currently we have adopted 2000m2 of rainforest in Costa Rica. 

The rainforest in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, special and most biodiverse places on earth. It’s essential to preserve it for current and future generations, and for the fight against climate change. does this by placing every adopted m2 of land directly under Costa Rica’s nature conservation law, protecting it forever from commercial exploitation.

Become part of the IX story

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  • senior Project Engineer (design) Full-time Leiden
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time Taipei office
  • Project Engineer T&I Full-time Taipei office
  • Commissioning Engineer Full-time Leiden
  • Package Lead ONS Full-time / Part-time Taipei office
  • Stakeholder Manager Full-time Taipei office
  • HR Officer Full-time / Part-time Leiden
  • Procurement Manager Full-time Leiden
  • Technical Manager Full-time Taiwan/The Netherlands


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