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IX can support your renewable energy project in all phases (Development, Construction & Operation) with our following categorized services. Explore our service groups to discover what IX can do for your renewable energy project.


IX collaborates with the following parties to provide the best and most complete service to our clients.

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Partnering with Jee enables IX to work on the development of a series of offshore wind projects. IX Renewables sets up and manages the developments. Jee provides engineering services throughout the lifespan of the projects, including conceptual, FEED and project management services. This partnership is initially, though not exclusively aimed at the Taiwanese market.

Holland Home of Wind Energy

IX Renewables is member of HHWE. 

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) is the professional export partner of Dutch wind energy companies in existing and emerging wind markets across the globe.


As a first-mover project developer in floating wind and a technology provider, Hexicon operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, and has 17,000 MW gross project portfolio in development through various partnerships. Hexicon and IX have teamed up to provide services for the development and construction of a 1,300+ MW floating offshore wind project in Taiwan.

Forte Renewables

Forte Renewables offers Technical Advisory, Owners Engineering and Project Management services to renewable energy investors on a global basis.

Forte and IX have a long mutual track record and have established a partnership in 2020 to deliver consultancy services on the Polish offshore wind market.

IX Zon

IX Zon is a sister company of IX Renewables.

The partnership focusses on developing large scale solar plants in the Netherlands. 

Wind & Water Works

IX Renewables is parter of Wind & Water Works.

Wind & water works reflects the expertise and innovative approach of Dutch companies and government in the field of offshore wind energy.

Asia Wind Energy Association

IX Renewables is member of AWEA.

The Asia Wind Energy Association acts as the regional platform for all wind power industry stakeholders to collectively promote the best interests of the wind power sector.

Open job positions
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  • senior Project Engineer (design) Full-time Leiden
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time Taipei office
  • Project Engineer T&I Full-time Taipei office
  • Commissioning Engineer Full-time Leiden
  • Package Lead ONS Part-time Taipei office
  • Stakeholder Manager Full-time Taipei office
  • HR Officer Full-time / Part-time Leiden
  • Procurement Manager Full-time Leiden


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