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IX Renewables formal entity in Taiwan


Since last month IX Renewables is officially a formal entity in Taiwan. Earlier this year, IX Renewables was introduced in Japan as a formal entity.

IX Renewables’ Taiwanese branch is fully named 荷蘭商榕曜綠能有限公司台灣分公司.

With the Taiwanese team expanding at a rapid pace and the opening of multiple offices, more news will follow shortly on the local developments.

Open job positions
  • Open application Full-time
  • senior Project Engineer (design) Full-time Leiden
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time Taipei office
  • Project Engineer T&I Full-time Taipei office
  • Commissioning Engineer Full-time Leiden
  • Package Lead ONS Full-time / Part-time Taipei office
  • Stakeholder Manager Full-time Taipei office
  • HR Officer Full-time / Part-time Leiden
  • Procurement Manager Full-time Leiden
  • Technical Manager Full-time Taiwan/The Netherlands
  • Legal Counsel (medior) Full-time Taiwan/The Netherlands
  • senior Business Development (offshore wind) Full-time Leiden


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