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Formosa 1

The Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farms is the first offshore wind farm installed in Taiwan. It is one of the first two projects that has been approved under the “Grand Scheme” of the Taiwanese government to promote offshore wind power. The project consists of two mandatory phases:
a demonstration phase with 2 wind turbines and the commercial phase. In total the project will be approximately 130MW of installed capacity.

Client Swancor Renewable Energy
Year 2013-2017
O&M Strategies
Procurement & Contracting
Engineering & Design
Interface Management


Miaoli county, Taiwan
Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm
130 MW
WTG Model
Siemens SWT 4.0-120 + TBD

The site is approximately 10km from shore in Miaoli county, Taiwan, and thus has no offshore high voltage station. The power is directly lead from the wind turbines to the onshore transformer station.

November 2016, the installation of the first two Siemens SWT 4.0 wind turbines has been completed by Siemens, using the installation vessel Torben, which also performed the foundation installations.

A major challenge in Taiwan, was the absence of suitable wind turbine installation vessels in the immediate area and limitations to use vessels from China.


Financial modelling
Turbine Procurement
Electrical Design
Installation Vessel Tender
O&M Strategy Development
Contract Negotiations
Interface Matrix

IX has been involved with the project since 2013. Initially the role was technical and commercial advisor on the wind turbines selection and tender. Following, IX was appointed advisor for:
Technology Evaluation / screening.

During the feasibility stage of the project, IX was involved with evaluating the various wind turbine technologies as well as screening potential installation vessel suppliers.

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Open job positions
  • Open application Full-time
  • senior Project Engineer (design) Full-time Leiden
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time Taipei office
  • Project Engineer T&I Full-time Taipei office
  • Commissioning Engineer Full-time Leiden
  • Package Lead ONS Full-time / Part-time Taipei office
  • Stakeholder Manager Full-time Taipei office
  • HR Officer Full-time / Part-time Leiden
  • Procurement Manager Full-time Leiden
  • Technical Manager Full-time Taiwan/The Netherlands


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