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Rui Li, Rui Yao (瑞立, 瑞耀)

Rui Li and Rui Yao will be floating offshore windfarms located 21 kilometers off the coast of Hsinchu Region in northwestern Taiwan.

Client Undisclosed
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Site selection & Design
Procurement & Contracting
Engineering & Design


Taiwan Strait
Rui Li, Rui Yao (瑞立, 瑞耀)
Anticipated Total Capacity
~1.4 GW
Anticipated WTG model
~15 MW
Development Service provider & Management (co-developer)

Services Provided

IX Renewables offers comprehensive consultancy and management services across the entire lifecycle of two significant floating offshore wind development projects in Taiwan, Rui-Li and Rui-Yao, collectively known as the Ketagalan Virtues Portfolio. From initial site selection through to project execution, IX Renewables leverages its industry expertise to ensure project success.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Management

IX Renewables undertook, in collaboration with a local EIA consultancy company, a comprehensive EIA process, blending global best practices with local expertise. IX Renewables manages the process, ensuring that the EIA meets all regulatory and stakeholder expectations, thus safeguarding the project's environmental and moral integrity.

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Geo Site Investigations

Overseeing geographical surveys and ensuring data accuracy for project planning, IX Renewables emphasized precision in foundational project work.

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Contracting Strategy

A strategic approach to procurement is established for Rui-Li, focusing on the efficient sourcing of materials and services, while ensuring partners meet project standards for safety, quality, and sustainability.

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Government Relations and Stakeholder Management

IX Renewables engages stakeholders with respect, honesty, and sincerity, actively listening and fairly addressing concerns, particularly from fisher associations, to ensure positive community impact.

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Summary and Conclusion

IX Renewables' comprehensive services for the Ketagalan Virtues Portfolio, particularly for the Rui-Li and Rui-Yao projects, demonstrate the company's integral role in ensuring the success of these significant renewable energy endeavors. Through planning, innovative solutions, and strategic management, IX Renewables has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and efficient realization of these projects, reinforcing its commitment to advancing the renewable energy sector and being of value to future generations.

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Open job positions
  • Open application Full-time
  • senior Project Engineer (design) Full-time Leiden
  • Interface Manager Offshore Wind Full-time Taipei office
  • Project Engineer T&I Full-time Taipei office
  • Commissioning Engineer Full-time Leiden
  • Package Lead ONS Full-time / Part-time Taipei office
  • Stakeholder Manager Full-time Taipei office
  • HR Officer Full-time / Part-time Leiden
  • Procurement Manager Full-time Leiden
  • Technical Manager Full-time Taiwan/The Netherlands


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